SuperTeams Workshop

Congratulations! If you’re reading this it means you’re ready to build your SuperTeam or perhaps take your team to a whole new level.

In this special workshop, you’ll be working directly with Performance Coach, Michael Sheargold on creating and building a new platform for growth.

Michael has been working with and helping build agent SuperTeams for the last decade and in this powerful one day workshop you’ll fast track your development and save you making costly mistakes.

SuperTeams Workshop is right for you if you’re looking to…

+ Grow your market potential
+ Increase your support to grow
+ Improve your service to clients
+ Achieve better balance and time off

Do you want better balance in your life?

Are you working in a team and need greater direction?

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Here's what you'll learn...

Why Create a SuperTeam?

Are You Ready for Growth?

What You Need to Do to Be Prepared

SuperTeam Challenges

Defining Your Teams’ Work Style

The 10 Characteristics of High Performing Teams

Setting Common Goals

Job Descriptions & Role Clarification

Key Systems & Standards You Need for Success

Planning Your Ideal Week

Finding the Ideal Team Members

Remuneration & Induction Strategies

Who is Michael Sheargold?

One of the most respected business coaches and performance experts.

More about Michael

Who is Michael Sheargold?

Join an impressive list of real estate professionals who have embraced Sheargold's Success Strategies and are achieving outstanding results.

Michael Sheargold is responsible for coaching some of the nation's greatest real estate professionals and you now have the opportunity to learn the strategies that make them great! SuperTeams has the immense power to truly transform your team's performance to a whole new level. Gain from Michael's wisdom of 20 years working with the real estate profession at a fraction of the cost of even one personal coaching session!

During the SuperTeams Workshop, you'll experience Michael's ability to question, educate and inspire you and your team to take action. He has conducted over 6,000 coaching sessions in real estate and is responsible for massive turn-arounds in results.

Do you want to realise your true potential as an agent?

Now's the time to create your SuperTeam!


SuperTeams Melbourne

SuperTeams is coming to Melbourne on Tuesday, May 14th, 2019.

Early Bird


  • Ticket Includes
  • Lead Agent + One Team Member

Full Rate


  • Ticket Includes
  • Lead Agent + One Team Member


SuperTeams Melbourne

MELBOURNE | Park Royal Melbourne Airport

Tuesday, May 14th 2019


To be confirmed shortly


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